Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Truth About Angels Today

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?  Hebrews 1;14

     Do you believe angels are around us? The verse above tells us all angels are ministering spirits. Do you have an angel story? 

     Stories of angels protecting, guiding, ministering and delivering are written throughout the Bible. When Daniel is thrown into the linon’s den, an angel protects him by closing the lion’s mouth.  in the book of Luke an angel comforts Jesus after his 40 days of fasting. An angel breaks Peter out of prison and an angel tells the women at the tomb that Jesus is not there.

     Angel sightings, when humans are allowed to see them in their spiritual form, are accompanied by fear, met with the angel saying, “Do not be afraid.” I highly recommend the book, The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom. Her family, even though they were not Jewish, were sent to a concentration camp after protecting some Jews in their home.

     As she and her sister entered the camp, each woman was stripped of everything, even underwear, and left with a thin dress to wear. Corrie had a Bible with her and asked God to put His angels around her. They continue on through two check points and it was as if no one could see her. That Bible would offer comfort to their camp over the next years. God’s ministering angels were around her.

     We saw yesterday that angels can also disguise themselves in human form. Maybe you have heard stories of someone assisting a stalled car in the middle of nowhere and maybe you have had an encounter of your own.

     Here is what I believe to be my angel story. I gave up driving about seventeen years ago now. I had lost some peripheral vision, but could have driven for many more years and I could have easily passed the eye exam. I was at a four-way stop with my six and eight year old daughters in the back seat. I did not see the large, old car to the left of me.

    I ran into the front right side of that car.  The car pulled over and I pulled in behind it and walked up to it.  An older woman with the sweetest smile, got out, put an arm around me and said, “Oh sweetheart, don’t worry. This old car isn’t hurt. Now you go take care of those two girls.” I thanked her and apologized and walked back to the car, which took about ten seconds. Her car was gone. There was no way she would have been out of sight (even with my limited periphery!)  I also did not know how she could have seen that I had two girls as they were in the back seat a long way from where we were standing and speaking.

     This encounter was a wake-up call for me and I gave up driving that day. I did not want to put anyone in danger and I believe God sent that sweet angel to “bump” into me that day.

     Angels are around us daily. They comfort us, protect us spiritually and listen in joy as we talk about Jesus and His Word.

Dear Father in heaven,
We thank You for Your ministering angels today. We pray they will surround us as we move around in our lives each day. Help us to tell our stories of Your amazing love.
In Jesus name,


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